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A journey of my so…
Di Emiliano Boga

Buy Streetography in front of me by Emiliano Boga on blurb.com
A journey of my soul across Amsterdam, Dublin, NY & Milan
Available in: eBook, PDF and Softcover
Also available in: Ebook for iPhone, iPad o iPod touch on iTunes

Di Emiliano Boga

Buy InstaLife by Emiliano Boga on blurb.com
Daily shots, constant visions and viral games of colors. That’s what I saw in 2011, through my iphone, through my soul…
available in: eBook, Softcover, Hardcover Dust Jacket, Hardcover ImageWrap

Burkina Faso: il teatro delle origini
Circolo Arci “Artemisia Cicco Simonetta”
18 Novembre 2011 | 11 Gennaio 2012
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Riempio, Svuoto, Distruggo, Costruisco
il viaggio di un’anima nera tra street e teatro
Enoteca Bacco – Milano
22 Febbraio 2012 | 31 Marzo 2012



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