Perspective on life

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Q: It seems that the only happy people in this movie by the end are sightly crazy and they are future Mr. and Mrs.Wunch a lovely name and there the ones who don’t believe you may even need happiness in the present life so everyone else seems to be left miserable and I’m curious if you are being playful with this or if this is a serious comic commentary on what life looks to you at this point?

A:This is my perspective, and has always been, my perspective on life. I have a very grim, pessimistic view of it, I always have since I was a little boy and it hasn’t gotten worse with age or anything I do feel that it’s a grim, painful, nightmarish, meaningless experience and that the only way that you can be happy is that you tell yourself some lies and deceive yourself … and I’m not the first person to say this or the most articulate person on it, it was said by Nietzsche, it was said by Freud, it was said by Eugene O’Neil One must have one’s dellusions to live. If you look at life too honestly and clearly life does become unbearable because it’s a pretty grim enterprise, you will admit.

So I do feel that those two people are the only two people that are happy, they are capable of deluding themselves. If I saw them at a party in real life, I would think that they are foolish people and dumb and silly and I would laugh at them. But they would be happier than me so that is the I feel about it.. we can discuss this privately later

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