Multidimensional lives

Ghosts, souls, shadows, folks, there’s someone that speaks over the phone, someone waits, someone talks, someone exists, someone runs, someone takes a photo with flash, someone…
slides slowly into a dimension where everything is soft and gently blur…

Fantasmi, ombre, anime, gente, c’è qualcuno che parla al telefono, qualcuno aspetta, qualcuno parla, qualcuno esiste, qualcuno corre, qualcuno scatta una foto con il flash, qualcuno…
scivola lentamente in una dimensione dove tutto è morbido e delicatamente mosso…

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4 thoughts on “Multidimensional lives

  1. Great shot and text!! It’s the perfect image about how people build their own world in the middle of a crowded planet being the others parallel spaces living in other dimensions.

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